I'm not sure if the question regards the same as the issues about wrapping of "logged in as". So, please if it does and let me know.

I managed to move Logout and My Account to the bottom of the page and add Impressum and Contact links to sec. menu. When logged in all they are in one line with My Account and Logout.
When not logged in, the loggin link is under the search block.
I would like to have them all in one line like: Impressum Contact Login

So I tried positioning with local.css and added this to my local.css

#authorize { 
float: right;
margin: -15px;
padding-right: 20px;

Now in Firefox and Opera I have a beautiful alignment, but testing in other browser shows that the Login link vanished there.

I tested with:
Chromium, Konqueror, Safari

Here is the link to the site

Thank you very much!