The Cutline Wordpress theme has been released under Creative Common's license, and therefore not hostable on Download and details at :

The code for rotating header images was discovered by who is using a variation of Cutline for Drupal.


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I'm curious. Why would having the theme released under a CC license mean it cannot be hosted on As I understand, modules and themes at generally come with licensing information included. Why would it be a problem for the included license to be a CC license?

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As far as I'm aware, CC can not be automatically converted into GPL (which is a requirement for projects on If someone knows of CC to GPL conversions, I'd be happy to relicense Cutline for Drupal and add it to's themes.

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Very interesting. It seems to me that CC and GPL are, to some extent at least, philosophically similar: the idea with each is to promote sharing of creative works by setting rules that encourage re-use and innovation. If so, then an incompatibility like this would go against the basic concept of each project.

I guess this isn't the place for a discussion like this, but if anyone can point me to information that would clarify the issue, I would appreciate it.

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Here's my port of Cutline for Drupal: