It is possible to define apps that need to be "required" for a particular install profile, however they don't seem to actually be required!


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Confirmed that this is broken.

As part of addressing this, it would be good to work through and document just what a required app means. Presumably, for a distro, a required app is one that the distro can't function without. But is such a module really an app? Should it instead just be packaged with the distro and added as a dependency?

If it is required, should that attribute be specified in the manifest?

If indeed required apps make sense, to fix this we should first clarify the expected behaviour.

Suggested: Required apps are preselected (checked) and their checkbox disabled.

Does that make sense? Or should they be hidden altogether?

If an app is required, what do we do post-install? Say I install with the 'standard' install profile and then add an app connector to an app server. Does it make sense that one or more apps on that server are required? If so, what is the expected behaviour?