I am currently with bluhost but they limit numberof databases per account.....

what about hostgator, they allow unlimited number of databases and size also of databases
they have restrictions in form of resources I think, not sure exactly what it means

is it possible to host like 30 or 40 drupal site, because drupal eats a lot of resources...

is somebody doing this?

I need to move to another budget host, bluhost allows me to have only like 5 drupal sites per account



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Have been hosting multiple (more than 5 drupal but not near to 30 ) drupal websites in hostgator and do not have any problem till now. Do no really look for an unlimited resources, because they always have some restrictions on the resources allocated for the amount you pay.

You may also consider the reseller pack with hostgator, you can have separate cpanel account in that case and can manage them easily.

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Proceed with extreme caution. Hostgator is a much different animal since the sale to Endurance International Group earlier this year (2012). The customer service has been less than acceptable.

For example some accounts had their card on file charged for invoices not actually associated with that account. This happened to me and their attempts to resolve the problem were not acceptable. I spent days dealing with the fraudulent charges.

HG WAS a good company. Now, I say proceed with extreme caution.

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I don't think Bluehost only allows for 5 drupal sites per account, but it does limit the total number of tables its customers could create per account to be 1000.

I think you can consider to upgrade your account to Bluehost reseller which will give you more resource and flexibility.