Can someone please help me with an issue I am having with Views Nivo Slider? I have it installed on my homepage, but the Next and Previous, and the Buttons to change pictures do not display correctly. I am pretty sure that this is because of the Superfish module that I am also using because if I disable that, Nivo works and looks exactly has it should.

I think it has to do do with the sytles conflicting, but I cannot figure out what to change or use.

My website is here and you can see how the navigation is looking. It is just text and the buttons are numbers like "1234" instead of the circles.

Thank you!


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Figured it out! Was using 7.3.dev, switch to 7.2.dev, works great now... accept in IE8, but that is pretty easy to fix, just some CSS adjustments.

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I see this is closed, so I change the status.