This is a proposal for a feature that enables images to be placed inline within the textareas controlled by the Aloha editor so that site editors can place, size, upload and select images for content regions in a WYSIWYG kind of way.

Proposed resolution

The solution should be seamless and simple. I am thinking "one-button-on-the-iphone simple" in design and implementation.

There are three solutions that I know of, and I'll offer summaries here:

  1. IMCE file browser with the module. See also this Drupalcon Munich presentation:
  2. The Media Module
  3. SCALD, a feature-packed module that appears to be brand new.

I'd like to throw this out there for some discussion. Should SPARK adopt one of the above, all or the above, or make it configurable so you can choose whatever you want to use?

I personally like the Media module or the Scald module method. I don't think the IMCE method uses the D7 managed file system.

Your input. Fire away!!



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Hi Joe,

I'm involved in the development of the Scald module and we totally love the approach of the Spark initiative for Drupal!
Giving Scald the ability to integrate into spark system is something we have in our roadmap. That would even be more awesome if we could do this hand in hand with the spark team.
We still have to cover some functional needs on our side to make the module goes from beta to released and have all the functionalities of D6 version ported to 7. One important thing that is missing at the moment on the 7 version, available on 6, is to move around your atoms inside the wysiwyg.
But as soon as this is covered which I think will be done quickly by now, we will work on the integration of the module with the spark system.
Good Thing is that it will not only work for images but any type of media assets we will handle with Scald ( video, files, tweets, slideshares etc... )
To finish with we are truly looking forward to have some talks on how we could organize this effort and have a nice and clean layer organisation between media handling, library UX, drag and drop functionnalities per example.


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Thanks a lot for taking this on, Joe! :)

I think that Spark will probably have to make a call on which way to go in terms of the default out-of-the-box configuration, and in general we are going to lean heavily towards whatever feels "safest" and most "future proof" for D8 which atm I don't think is totally clear since the Media initiative seems to be working at a much lower level. However, ideally this support would be pluggable so that others could use whatever media solution they'd like.

I think this issue breaks down to the following:

1) Evaluation of pros/cons/etc. of each of the possible media solutions. Ideally, this would become a write-up in the group, as this would be generally useful information for people to have, even outside of Spark.

2) A discussion about which of those makes the most sense for Spark.

3) A patch to get the drupal-org.make file, file, and whatever other things are required to get that solution bundled in with the distro.

4) A patch to Edit module to add a button to the toolbar to incorporate it. (I know this issue is on Wim's radar, so hopefully he can provide more input.)

In addition to the solutions mentioned in the OP, we might also want to evaluate more "nuts and bolts" solutions such as and, which might be easier to try and get into Drupal 8 core than an "all in one" solution.

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Just about the point 4), I think that might be a good idea to create some king of 'pluggable' button a bit like the wysiwyg module is doing.
So in the admin form of spark one can find a little select box where he can choose with media library he wants to use.
then it's the responsability of the media library module to implements the good hooks to be compatible with spark.

This would probably avoid a lot of discussion about which module should be the one to be integrated with spark no ? ( even if it's nearly done with scald ;) )

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because the vision appears to be to make Spark implement, as simply as possible, a solution to compete with WP (that is, other CMSes), I am leaning towards the most simple way to do it. Remember that this is a distribution that's supposed to supply immediate gratification. Giving choices introduces confusion and anxiety and delays gratification. That's why I am leaning towards one plug-in for now. We can add more later once everyone loves us.

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on the distribution point of view, you are totally right.

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I just posted on youtube a video illustrating the work in progress with scald integration

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#2: Relevant issue for Media module integration: #1760966-1: Aloha Editor + Media module integration.

#6: Very nice! :)

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Title: Inline Image Placement Feature Needed » Inline Media Placement Feature Needed

Sounds like this issue is about more than images, so re-titling appropriately. Really exciting to see all of this effort!

We are going to attempt to tackle #1721840: [META] As a content editor, I want to be able to add basic images to my post through the WYSIWYG. this sprint to get some important plumbing in place that can hopefully help this initiative.

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I'd like to advocate for a method to include an image caption with images.

I realize Spark is designed to be a simple installation profile. But associating a bit of text with a picture is a must-have feature for many content producers.

For inserting an image with a caption, it's hard to beat Wordpress, or for that matter the popular-last-century "Blogger"platform. Now. in the 21st Century, HTML5 has given us the figcaption element. My only hope is that we choose to use it wisely.

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Yep, caption handling is already nicely covered (though I think it's using data attributes rather than HTML5, can't remember); the Spark distro ships with a default piece of content showing it off. But need a way to add an image/caption to a post. That's what #1721840: [META] As a content editor, I want to be able to add basic images to my post through the WYSIWYG. is about.

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please consider my humble opinion posted here -

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Tagging for media to group with similar media related requests.

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