New user to Omega and I realize 7.x-4 is just an alpha - but is it more or less usable now? And how difficult would it be to upgrade to 4 later if I use 3?


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I would recommend using 3.x for a new sites. The 4.x is in development and while partially stable is going to undergo many changes that may or may not have effect on your site if you make it now. 3.x is very stable and is the recommended production release.

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Thanks Cellar Door, I'll give 3.x a shot!

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You should definitely play around with 7.x-4.x and find out about all the cool changes. However, it is too early for an implemnetation on a production web site because of the reasons mentioned by cellar door. The thing is that we will definitely keep changing stuff before we reach a Beta and so you would have to keep up with us all the time to prevent your site from breaking. You don't want that.

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