If i change styles.css, my changes don't work, even if i clear the cache (by drush or by the button "clear cache").

any suggestions?


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Same thing, subscribing.

Simple question I think, but still no answer :(

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that doesn't really make any sense. any steps to reproduce?

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aschiwi, no, any special steps needed. Any other theme is updated any time I change correspondent css file. Busy is still using original (cached? misplaced?) css.

It has to be a very simple solution to this but I still looking for it.

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I downloaded and installed a plain Drupal and Busy. Activated busy and changed something in style.css. It works right away. Are you using aggregated css files? If so clear your caches. It's actually easy - you check the path to style.css and if you change something in that file and it doesn't show up then it must be a Cache problem. I doubt this is a theme problem.

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I was having the same problem. I cleared the cache multiple times and nothing changed. I unchecked aggregating CSS and cleared the cache, nothing changed. I noticed that the color.css file that was being used was in default/files/color/color.css. Drupal 7 seems to move it there. I went back to the global settings on the appearance page and just clicked on Save configuration even though I didn't change anything, and that made Drupal add the changed color.css to the default/files/color/ location.
I don't get why this is set up this way. It took a long time to figure this out over several weeks. I had been going directly to the default/files/color/color.cc and making changes, but I think that will eventually be overwritten when I save configuration again.

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So I had to do this again. I cleared the cache, unchecked and then re-checked the compress and aggregate files and cleared the cache in between. What worked was saving the configuration on the appearance page of the theme I am using.

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I had the same problem after editing the style.css of bartik. I had to flush all caches in order to see the changes.

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Status:Postponed (maintainer needs more info)» Closed (works as designed)

Closing this. Everyone please note that you should never ever edit any styles in a contrib or core theme. Instead, create a subtheme and add your changes there.

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I got this weird problem too:

– All changes work perfectly on my localhost and development server
– The new responsive CSS doesn't work well on the production
– The old responsive.css is always loaded on the home page
– The new responsive CSS doesn't work in Firefox, Chrome, Edge
– It works good in Opera

I tried all methods I could find on Drupal Forum to refresh the CSS:

– Disabled the "Aggregate and compress CSS files"
– Clear Drupal Caches
– Clear Browsers' caches
– Clear the Drupal /files/tmp/ folders
– Restarted the Apache web server httpd
– Deleted the file of responsive.css and checkout it again on the Linux server
-- vi responsive.css // edit the the new file on the production server: my new changes are there
-- When to view the source code, it still shows me the old code/file

Final solution

-- Edit the html.php.tpl
-- Changed the code

Old code:   <link rel="stylesheet" media="all" href="/sites/all/themes/kith/css/responsive.css?id=1" />
New code:   <link rel="stylesheet" media="all" href="/sites/all/themes/kith/css/responsive.css" />

-- Works

-- It must be the problem of "?id=1"