The current Edit module UX flow requires a user to click the Edit toolbar tab, then the "Quick edit" action link in the toolbar tray. The extra click of the "Quick edit" link is unnecessary. Edit mode can be activated simply by pressing the Edit tab in the toolbar.

Proposed resolution

  1. Eliminate the "View / Quick edit" action links in the toolbar tray.
  2. Enter edit mode when the Edit toolbar tab is clicked.

Remaining tasks


User interface changes

The Edit module will no longer have a toolbar tray, or if it does, it will contain the Save | Publish | Close actions for responding to user modifications.

API changes


Original report by [username]

When toggling from View to Edit mode, the (selected tab) faux semantic (text only) is not toggled. The (selected tab) is rendered in PHP for the active tab.

I assume the links are styled as tabs. If so it is perhaps best to make them tabs using ARIA (tablist/tab/tabpanel). If the styling is as a slider, radios, toggle button, etc, the semantic should change.

#7 1747916-edit_tab-7.patch5.05 KBjessebeach
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Issue tags: +accessibility


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Project: Spark » Edit
Component: User interface » Accessibility
Assigned: Unassigned » Wim Leers


The View/Edit/Advanced Edit tabs are indeed not yet using any ARIA mark-up. However, there's a tricky aspect to it: these tabs are actually the tabs that normally live on the nodes themselves! Now that you know that, would you still recommend to use tablist/tab/tabpanel?

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That's a tricky one, I figured they were those tabs.

Since the interaction pattern has changed from 'take user to Edit page' to 'switch state to edit state', then I would recommend a change. I don't actually think that tabs are the best UI component even from a visual Ux position. Something like a toggle button might be better. If they are going to stay tabs, then they should be enhanced w/ JS to at least toggle the selected back and forth.

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Issue tags: +sprint

Tagging for DrupalCon Munich code sprint.

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Related: at #1688166: [META] As a Drupal community member, I would like to see Edit module de-coupled from any particular toolbar implementation we are discussing breaking free from a specific navbar/toolbar solution integration in edit module, so people could pick whichever they like and integrate with that. That could potentially change the design direction for the View/Edit toggle again - because other toolbars do not have the classic Drupal local tabs integrated, unlike navbar that we depend on right now.

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Title: (selected tab) indicator does not change on View/Edit » Edit mode should be activated when clicking the Edit toolbar tab (was: "(selected tab) indicator does not change on View/Edit")
Version: 7.x-1.x-dev » 8.x-1.x-dev
Assigned: Wim Leers » jessebeach
Category: bug » task
Priority: Normal » Major
Issue tags: -sprint +a11y

I've merged #1851046: Edit mode should be activated when clicking the Edit toolbar tab into this issue; the issue summary has been updated.

@Everett: Jesse is working on this, but probably hadn't seen this issue because it was associated with the D7 version of Edit.

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Status: Active » Needs work
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This is an in-progress patch. I still haven't gotten toolbar tabs other than the Edit tab to exit the "inline editing" state if it's active.

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Status: Needs work » Closed (fixed)

I managed to get the inline edit mode to disable when a tab other than the Edit tab is pressed in the toolbar. This patch eliminates the Edit module tray. Now, the Edit tab enables in-place editing.

I've incorporated this into the 8.x-1.x branch.

commit spread is 367eb0f92c5eb39832b5f0736adce10e0a3081a0..3ae757be59492ed599a4d31af0900bcf0de0d64e

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Issue tags: -a11y


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Issue summary: View changes

Merge #1851046 into this one.