Is the translation of helps pages working for you?

For me it isn't working in any language I install... Is this a bug, or just my configuration of Drupal that has a problem?

To me it's a bit frustrating, as I translated all the pt-pt, and of course, the help pages were the ones that gave more work, and now, these are exactly the ones that still appear in English.. :(



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Here is an example of a page that doesn't work:


Miguel Duarte

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To work as expected the English strings in Drupal and in the PO files must match exactly. Ie you need a cvs PO file for VS and a 4.5 PO file for 4.5. The help texts change occassionally and the need to be merged against new POT files for a new Drupal version.
If you have troubles with a particular contrib project, please consider filing a support request. Thanks. And, by the way, Drupal 4.5 does not work with PHP 5.