Hi, I've made and uploaded 40+ sites and this problem is new to me!

Here is the site: http://www.rawvision.com
Site recently migrated from multisite to single-site install (but I'vb done this 30+ times without incident, so rather confused)
New images upload properly to sites/rawvision.com/files/
Presets generate and show up in directory at sites/rawvision.com/files/imagecache/[PRESETNAME]/filename.

Everything shows up properly when viewing any given page.

HOWEVER - images are being RE-generated on every page call. Obviously this is a ridiculous performance drag on this image-heavy site!
I look at Firebug and I see that the path for the image is incorrect - (for example)

instead of http://www.rawvision.com/sites/rawvision.com/files/imagecache/large_drop...

it's: http://www.rawvision.com/sites/rawvision.com/files/imagecache/large_drop...

I've looked at .htaccess and it looks identical to sites of mine that work properly.
All directories have proper permissions.
File system and tmp are in proper places with proper permissions.

How do I fix this problem?

Client is freaking out!

--K Gates


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I'm also experiencing this issue. It wasn't a multisite to single site migration, but it was a migration to a new server.