By Installing this widget your users can see weather updates for their location on your website. You can get forecast, various units and really beautiful, eye pleasing weather status that instantly seeks your attention. Plugin loads from our optimised servers to server the best version according to browser loading the plugin and be as snappy as possible. Works with IE 8+, FF 3+, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Android 2.3+, iOS 4+. I've already cleared online test here are results for automated test

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Drupal: 6.x

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Manual Review

Hi there, I just tested out your module on a Drupal 6 clean install I have. I am a themer / front end developer so my observations are not necessarily how to fix any code or rewrite it but mainly user experience / user interface type things.

  1. I think for the admin page title on /admin/settings, it's probably sufficient to have "Weather for us" instead of "Weather for us widget module"
  2. For the configuration, it might be helpful to add an example for "City name followed by Country". Something like: example, Los Angeles, CA so the user knows what format to enter. I wasn't sure if I needed to enter a comma or not.
  3. I also found that entering a US postal code also worked, you may want to clue in the user about that.
  4. The small widget did not work for me, I got errors, see screen captures. It seems like the way you are pulling in the code for the small widget is much different than the way you do it for the large one which is using an iframe.
  5. I also noticed that my local temp was in Celsius whereas we use Fahrenheit where I live. Is there an option perhaps to give the user an option to have Fahrenheit or Celsius?
  6. For the large widget, the iframe size seems much larger than the actual widget itself... (I've outline the iframe in red and the actual content in white dotted lines. (see attached screen capture)
  7. The small widget in the admin UI says "200px wide widget" -- but it actually is 250px in the code.
  8. There's a typo in the README.txt file, "custimize"

I hope that helps out.

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Status: Needs review » Needs work

updating status...

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Status: Needs work » Closed (won't fix)

Closing due to lack of activity. Feel free to reopen if you are still working on this application.