Intertwine Alliance Homepage Redesign

Oregon Metro, OpenPlans, Substance and ThinkShout served as the key web strategy and technology providers on this project. The outcome of this project was a highly interactive mapping site with rich mobile features and a beautiful Drupal theme. The site recently won a national award presented by American Trails. In the words of Metro Councilor Shirley Craddick: "I see the potential for the Intertwine Alliance's website to serve as a major vehicle for educating residents about our natural surroundings and engaging more people in conservation and active lifestyles. It's a lovely platform that is fun to explore."

Why Drupal was chosen: 

The Intertwine Alliance is a partnership founded by Oregon Metro that brings together local agencies and civic groups to increase visitation and investment in the parks and trail systems of the Portland-Vancouver metro area.

In early 2011, the Alliance began an ambitious upgrade of the Intertwine website with the following goals:
• To inform the community about opportunities to enjoy local parks, trails, and outdoor events;
• To provide the community with a resource for planning outdoor adventures;
• To help site visitors quickly locate parks and trailheads from their mobile devices; and
• To highlight the contributions of local Intertwine partners.

Oregon Metro made the wise decision to build this platform in Drupal.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

In conjunction with OpenPlans, Metro provided the data and co-designed the geo database and web service layer that serves up new parks and trail data as GeoJSON and provides geographic park and trail lookups.

OpenPlans implemented and hosts this geo database and web service layer. They also project managed the collective team of vendors and subcontracted the design and production of custom MapBox map tiles created with Tilemill.

Substance provided the information architecture, web strategy and graphic design.

ThinkShout provided all the Drupal-related services, including: site configuration, custom module development, web service integration, responsive theming, hosting deployment, training and ongoing support and feature enhancements. ThinkShout also implemented a responsive theme for the site, as well as the site’s integration with OpenPlans’ web service. In addition to the release of the “Add To Calendar” module, this project allowed ThinkShout to release the Leaflet module, which leverages CloudMade’s cutting-edge, HTML5-based JavaScript mapping library.

For a closer look at the custom map interface visit: which includes responsive controls, a custom map tile switcher, and geo lookups when the map is clicked.

Visitors to the park can use a mobile lookup feature (available at:, which uses HTML5 browser location detection and allows site visitors to quickly find parks and trails nearest to their current location.

Key modules/theme/distribution used: 
Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

Lev Tsypin directed the technical architecture, wrote a custom Feeds parser for consuming OpenPlan’s GeoJSON web service, and built the interactive mapping features, while Andrea Burton sliced up Substance’s Photoshop designs and built the site’s responsive theme using LESS and the Omega base theme.

Following the initial launch of the site, Kyle Rohr built out an event management and calendaring solution. As part of this project, he also released a much-needed “Add to Calendar” contributed module for Drupal.

Community contributions: 

Add to Calendar module

Project team: 

Oregon Metro, OpenPlans, Substance

Intertwine Interactive Mapping