Release info

Created by: bojanz
Created on: August 20, 2012 - 15:29
Last updated: August 20, 2012 - 15:37
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Big code cleanup in preparation for a release candidate.
Faceted search now available on installations without the demo store.
Added support for country-specific services (such as payment providers).
The demo store theme is now a subtheme of omega_kickstart.
Expanded help with many new videos.

Changes since 7.x-2.0-beta1:

  • Fix slightly wrong installation code in a few features, that can cause bugs.
  • More cleanup of the Product UI / Lite Product UI features.
  • Allow users to enable country-specific services.
  • #1724352 by Metulski, GuGuss, vasike: Enable the installation default currency
  • Update field_extractor, omega_kickstart.
  • Fix drush make error 'Directory not empty' for the Chosen library.
  • Remove the 'demo_content' directory.
  • #1736414 by joshmiller: Fixed Breadcrumbs are not based on menu taxonomy.
  • Remove Blog UI, move pieces to appropriate places.
  • Re-export the product variations view, removing a field specific to storage product node types (from the demo store).
  • Fix Saved button on product quick edit.
  • Update advanced help content.
  • #1702556 by lsolesen, GuGuss, bojanz, vasike: Replaced the kickstart Product display type views filter with Drupal commerce Is Product Display. Kickstart filter deleted
  • Update ctools and inline_entity_form, re-export fields in the product features.
  • #1721410: Fatal error: Call to undefined function language_negotiation_set().
  • Move the node/add page modifications into Commerce Backoffice.
  • Fix build by removing committed Commerce patches from the make file.
  • #11717236: Cleanup the styling of the Collection view header.
  • Cleaup/Remove commented CSS in commerce_kickstart_theme.
  • Remove the "store administrator" role, simplify permissions.
  • Merge Merchandising UI into Merchandising, re-export view, remove some of the interdependencies between Blog and Merchandising.
  • Clean up CSS...
  • Add overlay background on add to cart message.
  • Remove committed Link patch.
  • Update commerce kickstart navigation margin.
  • #1735146: Fix the sorts on no the non demo store + add the price range facet.
  • Update taxonomy header fields order.
  • #1730236 by dudenhofer: Additional tweeks to Commerce Backoffice in Seven
  • #1735146: Fix the search ranges not filtering on submit.
  • #1735146: Fix the title sort issue on demo store.
  • Fix cart checkout background color.
  • #1735146: Unify search code.
  • Fix link to service providers, fix typo.
  • #1714730: Convert commerce_kickstart_theme to a subtheme of omega_kickstart
  • #1665492 by dudenhofer: Getting Started styling
  • #1730236 by dudenhofer: Back office styles for seven
  • Minor improvement of the service providers URL.
  • #1665492 Getting Started still have undetermined elements.
  • Jirafe hook_requirements() patch merged.
  • #1701652 by dudenhofer: fixing order/product add button margins
  • Remove unused search api index.
  • Make help tabs consistent, cleanup the code.
  • #1717236 : Cleanup the styling of the Collection view header
  • #1730972: Call to undefined function _commerce_kickstart_user_page_title().
  • Re-export the product and orders backoffice views.
  • Move the action links on backoffice views below the exposed filters. Fix drush install issue.
  • 9114: Commerce kickstart service providers.
  • Update message notify to 2.1
  • Hide jirafe config menu item
  • Make the operations dropbuttons available on Search API views.
  • Enable jirafe
  • Move the VBO visual tweaks from Commerce Backoffice into the Commerce Kickstart Admin theme.
  • Split Commerce Backoffice into Commerce Backoffice Order and Commerce Backoffice Product.
  • Upgrade message notify to 2.0 and apply patch for designed email messages.
  • #1727956 by GuGuss, bojanz, vasike: Some clean up for admin bar (some menu items renamed)
  • #1701652 by dudenhofer: Fixing Help alignment, filter select color, & vertical alignment of bulk options apply button
  • Updating install CG logo to use the proper blue-background logo
  • #1727998 by dudenhofer: Removing text shadow from drop-down menu items
  • Mark that this field can be rendered using Message::getText().
  • Update token, message, date.
  • #1722054 : Broken link on Getting started
  • Update ctools and pathauto.
  • #1717240 : Notice: Undefined index when adding a payment
  • Fix Notice: Undefined index: required in oauthconnector_fields_save()
  • #1722096 by dudenhofer: Fix order message
  • Fix PHP warning about passwords (pass1 and pass2) during the install.
  • Omega kickstart patch get commited. Remove it from make file.

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