media_blue 7.x-1.0

Release notes

  1. Implemented dropdown menu feature
  2. Enabled feature to Randamozie Slideshow
  3. Enabled feature to add Captions for Slide
Download Size md5 hash
media_blue-7.x-1.0.tar.gz 1.11 MB ad8c556dbd4e74dfbf7c63447a04d1fa 1.13 MB 336c8ab87f2b133a04644f8d36519e8a
Last updated: 7 May 2013 at 09:20 UTC
Official release from tag: 

media_blue 7.x-1.0-beta1

Release notes

  • Issues in comment block fixed
  • Alignment issue in Slide show arrow buttons fixed
  • Issues in form element fixed
  • Enable default slide show
  • Displayed user profile image for comments
  • Footer block issue fixed
  • Full width content if there is no blocks assigned to sidebar
  • Themed the tags
Download Size md5 hash
media_blue-7.x-1.0-beta1.tar.gz 1.11 MB 2c26d866c7b22b1df071a75520c03a76 1.13 MB 8232fbc415e5c8a1752a4322ad1cee6f
Last updated: 15 Nov 2012 at 20:27 UTC
Official release from tag: 

media_blue 7.x-1.0-alpha2

Release notes

  • On search block place holder text implemented
  • Added README.txt
  • Removed unused files and cleaned up the theme
Download Size md5 hash
media_blue-7.x-1.0-alpha2.tar.gz 709.1 KB 638f93ab807daf1c5c96898392ce8ab9 730.04 KB d605f10c1fe2c5437471d867d3ba09ef
Last updated: 5 Oct 2012 at 06:37 UTC
Official release from tag: 

media_blue 7.x-1.x-dev

Download Size md5 hash
media_blue-7.x-1.x-dev.tar.gz 1.11 MB 26522168accb4bf4c2ba2198a241d36b 1.13 MB ce2125421b53a3ed2ed94530b1b7fde8
Last updated: 1 Oct 2013 at 00:09 UTC
Last packaged version: 7.x-1.0+0-dev

Release notes

7.x dev snapshot.

Development release from branch: 

media_blue 7.x-1.0-alpha1

Download Size md5 hash
media_blue-7.x-1.0-alpha1.tar.gz 3.77 MB cd2209874a5bd0cb4239a24d7d3e5e96 3.8 MB 4a39c64370070551b3d53326f036f901
Last updated: 20 Aug 2012 at 04:32 UTC

Release notes

Initial release

Official release from tag: 
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