Are there tokens/replacement patterns available for the author of a flagged heartbeat activity? I have tried many different combinations of tokens but I cannot seam to find any for this that actually work. I have created the following custom template:

!flagging_user_link has flagged !flagged_heartbeat_activity_author_link 's !activity_link.

Basically I would like to log when a user flags an authors heartbeat activity and show a link to the flagged activity. But I cannot get the right combination of tokens to work together. I have successfully done a similar thing using commenting with heartbeat activity comments (not node comments). The template I used for that was almost the same:

!flagging_user_link has commented on !heartbeat_comment_message_author_link 's !activity_link.

This was fine because there seam to be a lot more replacement patterns (tokens) listed on the rules action form for heartbeat comments, and it works perfectly. Can a similar setup be done for heartbeat activities?


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I've the same issue. Anyone get an idea? If I'm right, it's just about creating a share/retweet functionnality… e.g a basic and un must.

Thanks !

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So no one is supporting/maintaining this module anymore?

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