Download panels-7.x-3.3.tar.gztar.gz 331.14 KB
MD5: 41d55ac3806a254d0e16cf865f74a1ee
SHA-1: c00c1822e115db7532e39cb13c21056385325b37
SHA-256: 32ff2eecbbf86f55f2fb44d95591cb77bcb780a6817b0046f82f861b7824ebd1
Download panels-7.x-3.3.zipzip 405.62 KB
MD5: 5784bdab43294ebb2a6c7fb39ef102bf
SHA-1: d7a220c7f485b49f01c19281f885be4394dfa9cd
SHA-256: a989ab0c77beb2f613647d9a88a34764b6eb24f51887d5d9274e2847479d0ca8
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/panels:^3.3'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: merlinofchaos
Created on: 18 Aug 2012 at 19:51 UTC
Last updated: 17 Aug 2016 at 18:05 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-3.2:

  • #1690128 by populist: Add Content to Top of Region in IPE?.
  • 1730206 by OnkelTem: No contextual links from Display Suite on nodes
  • #1669908 by tim.plunkett, acrollet: Fixed hook_ctools_content_subtype_alter() does not run early enough.
  • #1621588 by bangpound: Added Pass page manager context to block mini panels.
  • #1288636 by Hydra, dawehner: Select automaticly a default Layout when guiding threw the wizard.
  • #1728776: Render IPE region controls outside of region style.
  • #1735350 by populist: Fixed Prevent Double Form Building on Panels IPE Change Layout.
  • #1632898: Fix strict warning with empty pane content in IPE.
  • #1690124 by populist, merlinofchaos: Fixed Disable IPE Toolbar When Modal is Open.
  • #1711302 by populist, nicelobster: Added Make 'Add New Pane' an Icon with a Smaller Design.
  • #1690124: Hide the IPE bar whenever the IPE opens a modal.
  • #1724250 by beeradb: Fixed Clear AJAX ID's in stylizer add form.
  • #1529208 by helior: Fixed Safely initialize Drupal.Panels javascript object.
  • #1549660: Added Allow Styling of Regions in the Panels IPE.
  • #1711494 by beeradb: Prevent Double Form Building on Panels IPE Save.
  • #1493130 by swentel: Added UX: use vertical tabs for panels content types settings.
  • Also put clearfix on top level class.
  • #1623230: Update clear-block to clearfix on panels admin dashboard to prevent themes from accidentally covering up the links.
  • #1708230 by Dave Reid: Fixed panels/ajax does not respond with the 'application/json' Content-Type header.
  • #1706936 by populist: Added Panels IPE Doesn't Remove List Style Images.
  • #1555352 by populist: Preserve HTML ids on forms inside IPE when updated via ajax.
  • Fix notices and broken range() in add content modal.
  • #1534446: Fix invalid data in a flexible layout without throwing a notice.
  • #1514030: Remove accidentaly left in debug message.
  • #1489088: Overzealous lazy loading.
  • #1491600: Extra (and broken) "Customize this page" button in IPE if no permission to customize layout.


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