I have database of a proprietary cms where all content stored on one table like this:
As you can see all posts stored as hierarchical, PARENT->CHILD relationship.

What i shuld do is to mimic this relationship in the drupal.. So the old content and newly created content will obey this structure...
And i just cant find how to do this in drupal... One thing to note i will nead to create a menu with this structure too...

I'm looking on the taxonomy... wich are PARENT->CHILD... and looks like the Taxonomy Menu module is the answer for all my questions but i cant find a way to create new content within this structure nicely. News manager shuld have some realy simple news creation page: like TITLE, IMAGE, CATEGORY(TAXONOMY STRUCTURE TO CHOSE PARENT), BODY.
And when new content is created - taxonomy term with the title of the content will automaticaly be created at the right place in the structure so when you create another new content you can chose it as parent. I nead somehow boud Taxonomy Terms to the Nodes (One to One). And when new nodes are created - taxonomy term for it creates automaticaly from TITLE... And News manager shuld be able to change this structure... wuld be perfect to have it jQuery sortable...

Please, can you guide me to the right direction? becouse i'm kind of stuck. =\


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You should be able to use Taxonomy import module (http://drupal.org/project/taxonomy_csv) to get your taxonomy setup with relationships and then use feeds module (http://drupal.org/project/feeds) to populate content. In your content types make sure you add selection for taxonomy section and when you import tag content with term.

This will create the relationship you need and then you can create menu's for the site.

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Thank you for your help.
I guess i better write custom module and programaticaly add taxonomy terms and nodes.

The problem is - before i start to import any of the info to drupal i shuld create a skeleton of the data structure. And i stuck on this... I just dont know how to create this style of hierarchical content in drupal =\ And even if i create something that looks like it for the imported content i dont know how to manage it from the drupal backend... and even worse, i dont know how to create new content wich will obey this rules that i have apply when imported content...