"Email verify has tried contacting the mail host but did not receive a reply. Check with your hosting provider that the function fsockopen() is properly configured on your server, and that port 25 is open. The module has been disabled"
This problem was identified in the original port inEmail_verify for D7, since the thread is closed, I am re opening it here.
this problem is yet to be solved


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I talked to my hosting provider, this is what the agent said:
hosting agent: "I want to inform you that port 25 is open by default. Please note that if you use SMTP through PHP you need to use localhost as your server name and port 25, no more details (no username, no password etc.)" .

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It seems that the same problem has not been solved since D6, today I tried to solve it with a site (over D6) that I have in hostgator, their support area finally replied:

"After investigating further, it seems that there is an issue with the module specifically. I can show you that the port is open and the fsocket is working properly: ->And then he shows me the configuration details <- how is indicated in the manual http://php.net/manual/en/function.fsockopen.php.

Finally suggest me that contact Drupal and see if their support has any advise on how to resolve it.

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in the module files in the code at "$host = drupal.org", I don't know why it is drupal.org instead of my own site. I think if module wants to test the smtp port , there should be some other way to test I am not coder so i just got this doubt.

At least module should be allowed to install with an option whether to test it or not, if the 'yes i want to test now' then the a test should be carried out similar to cURL procedure else 'i want to test later ' should be an option, if it is allowed then it will be easy for a coder to debug it, if not allowed then how can it be debugged?
I also had discussion with my hosting provider, he says port is open by default. and explained the same thing

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any update please?

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This was a problem with running this module in shared hosting. There was a D6 patch for it: #431376-5: Running with shared hosting security

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could you please make a patch for D7 to test it?

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I have included a slightly modified version of the D6 referenced patch in 7.x-1.x-dev. Look for a date newer than Aug. 16 and try it out.

As I do not have this situation and problem, I cannot test it, so please get back to me as to whether this fixes your problem or not.

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I am attempting to run this on a shared hosting site with HostGator and though I'm not getting the fsockopen error, the module does not appear to be working. There are no error messages in the log, but when I register with an invalid domain, no validation is completed and my registration is submitted and user account created.

Any suggestions or ideas?

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I replicated your test by registering a user with the address user@thisdomaindoesnotexist.com only to discover that thisdomaindoesnotexist.com is actually registered:

It is possible that someone has actually registered the domain you are testing, even if that domain is not being actively used.

On shared hosting, the current version of Email Verify only checks DNS registration.

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There are no error messages in the log

The error logging might fail due to http://drupal.org/node/1897962. I put some changes in Git for 1897962. A test with the changed code might produce messages in the log.

Note that most of the messages are notices and one is a warning. Filter the log on type email_verify.

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I don't think so. I tested against an email address with the domain idontknowwhattouse.com. Checking DNS, it appears that this domain is available, but the registration still went through on the site.

I updated the watchdog lines as suggested and still no errors to review.

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I am not able to replicate your issue. When I try to register a user with that domain name, Email Verify tells me it is an invalid domain. You might ask your host if they have disabled the PHP checkdnsrr() function.

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