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To configure this module just go to the module settings page (admin/config/administration/admin_menu/elements) to change which elements will be displayed and the order of them. You can choose all of them or none of them:

  • home icon
  • the menu items
  • the users counter
  • the username linking to the profile
  • the username not linking
  • the OG groups the user belongs to (requires OG module)
  • the logout link


  1. Make sure that you have Administration Menu installed and working for your current logged in user.
  2. Put the module in your drupal modules directory (e.g. /sites/all/modules) and enable it in admin/modules.
  3. Configure the module at admin/config/administration/admin_menu/elements

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it doesn't appear that the project actually exists.

As it was explained to me by Lizzjoy, "this page is for Admin Menu the module and the title is misleading because it sounds like it is a new module. It is referring to the elements of Admin Menu..."


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I would like to see the project page . thanks

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thank you, i will use this..