I've been working on a DA site in a subdirectory of my website; e.g., http://master.mysite.com for the main site and subdirectories as appropriate.

(I love the module, BTW - it's amazing. Really.)

I'm now getting ready to launch and I don't see much documentation - my best guess is that I'd setup aliases for the domains that would work on the production server and then edit the domains once deployed, right? If I'm on the right track here, no need to reply - any other deployment tips would be welcome before I launch this bad boy!

Thanks! (Lovin' DA...)


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That's basically it. Best practice would be to use an update hook to make the switch. There are also some details in the documentation -- see the online handbook -- about how to configure custom code to handle this for you (though it may be too late for you to do that.)

Please do write up a guide for others, letting us know what you did, what traps to avoid, and how it went.

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I'm pleased to report that using aliases worked just fine and I was able to get up and running seamlessly. No need for custom code; I'll be using the same technique as the sites go live. Once We're fully up, I'll write up a report, but it won't need to say very much other than what's here, I'm glad to say!

(Civi is much more involved, but I've written up a very detailed step-by-step guide in the Civi Using Multi-site section that should be easy to find.)


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