When a user prints a page the mobile layout is sent to the printer. This is easily fixed by adding a print.css to the theme. The problem is that I added the print.css like this:

stylesheets[print][] = css/print.css

instead of the Omega way, like this:

css[print.css][name] = Print Styles
css[print.css][description] = Description
css[print.css][options][weight] = 12

I did it like that because I need to specify that it's print only. Is there a way to do that somehow? Maybe like this:

css[print.css][options][media] = print

Also, it seems that because omega is a "mobile first" theme, when using things like Acrobat's "Create PDF from a web site" feature (yes, I actually have to do that from time to time) it creates it using the mobile layout. Is there any way to detect this type of crawler and deliver the Narrow or Normal layouts instead?


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Found an alternative to including a print.css; in the theme settings include "print," at the beginning of the media query. So it should start like this:

print, all and (min-width: 980px) and........

Not sure if the "all" actually means "screen" in this case but changing it to the above delivers the normal layout when a user tries to print a page.