Is there any plans to add support for user defined shortcuts? I find it quite useful to have user defined shortcuts in the menu. Here are couple of mocks how it could look like.
Navbar mobile phone with shortcuts
Navbar tablet with shortcuts

As seen in the 'Mobile friendly navigation toolbar' video user defined shortcuts could be easily displayed in the side panel and toggled with the shortcut menu in navbar. Any plans on this?

800-600-navbar.png21.23 KBiler
320x480-navbar.png15.08 KBiler
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@ iler See the most recent prototype here: In this iteration shortcuts are exposed in the second tier, (as in 7) but hidden when the user opens menu. IMHO the user has implicitly told the system "what I want is not in shortcuts" by opening menu.

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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

Looks fixed in alpha4