I sure would like to have the ability to alter font sizes. The Bartik fonts default are too small.

Default fonts will be even smaller with mobile or ipad display.

Otherwise, a very excellent theme.


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Except for two areas, the Featured region and the Triptych region at smaller screen sizes, the font sizes are exactly the same as those used in the original Bartik theme. I'm not planning on adding any user-selectable font sizes through a UI but you can go into the CSS and make any changes you feel you need.

The goal here was to retain the essential "flavor" of Bartik while making the layout mobile-first and responsive. I am looking into some very selective changes where, as you say, some font sizes may be too small on smaller screen devices.

Changing to a larger font size in the Primary Menu will make the Tabs and Menu Buttons, used for the smaller screen display, larger so you may need to adjust the padding there to keep them a reasonable size.

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Closing this issue. I do agree that the font sizes are somewhat too small but for the reason I stated above I'm leaving them as they are. To my mind and eyes all sites that use 12px body text appear too small especially on mobile devices, however, we can all Zoom; that's what I do.