Hi I searched breakpoints, media query, and add new but couldn't find the answer to this.

i made a theme using omega tools based on the omega html5 selection...
my theme is located here: /sites/all/themes/bytes
in it is /sites/all/themes/bytes/css -- and all the default css files that were made using omega tools.
the theme also has all the other files that were created (not listing cause i don't think they are of concern here)

So, on the user interface in the grid settings, how do i create a new layout that will respond to a different media query?

I followed this: http://groups.drupal.org/node/164684, but it seems very convoluted when all i want to do is just add another css file, that responds to a new media query not in the default set this theme provides.

Any help or a simple step by step would be great.

Also i am not just blindly asking this... I have opened the alpha.info file, and I am about to copy and paste some stuff but i imagine that like core drupal features if I add a new one settings[] i will need to add them all or lose em?

Please advise... thanks.


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Closing this as a duplicate of http://drupal.org/node/1607748... but there is still no answer over there... any help would be great.