Administration menu Toolbar style 7.x-3.0-rc3
drupal core 7.15 (was 7.14 with same issue)
devel modules disabled
cache disabled, cleared
2 sites sharing the same code base
one of the sites is multilingual
> Administration » Configuration » Administration and disabled "Cache menu in client-side browser" to prevent sort of client cache issue
tested firefox and chrome

Issue: both sites don't show the number of anonymous users
count of logged users is OK

Not sure if this is a bug or something related with my setup.
Any help or sugestion is welcome.


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Same problem. :/ Anonymous users always at 0, logged in count working fine.

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We had the same problem, we un-check cache for anonymous user, it seems to solve it. See if this will work for you:

Goto: admin>>config>>development>>performance - under caching un-check the Cache pages for anonymous users.

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I've got all the caching off as I'm working on localhost. I also read that some people had problems because they didn't have user '0' in the users table but I checked and it's there. Anything else to try?

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Category: support » bug
Status: Active » Needs work

This issue still seems to be active.

#2 is not going to work in a production environment.

Has there been any resolution to this? It's a nice option to have.

Update: actually this may be a duplicate of this issue:, delegate it to the maintainers to decide.

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I have had this issue forever i.e. no anonymous user count showing. FYI I use Boost and Domain Access too. It is difficult to determine if logged in works because we have so few but it does seem to show correctly.

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Status: Needs work » Active
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Had the same issue. What worked was to disable the administration menu module, uninstall the module, clear the caches, and re-install.

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#7 didn't work also disabling cache menu in admin menu config didn't work. The online block reflects what is shown in the admin menu too which is always 0 or 1

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Same problem, need help or suggestions

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Version: 7.x-3.0-rc3 » 7.x-3.x-dev
Component: User interface » Code

This is also happening in dev, so let's put it there.’s picture

Did you guys try downgrading to 7.x-3.0-rc1? I stopped upgrading since this version because for me it's the last version that shows the correct number of anonymous users. I won't even bother upgrading to 7.x-3.0-rc5 that just came out unless somebody can confirm that this issue has been taken care of.

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sorry i don't currently have time to make patch..

function anon_users_total() {
	$interval = REQUEST_TIME - variable_get('user_block_seconds_online', 900);
	$query = db_select('sessions', 's')
		->fields('s', array('sid'))
		->condition('uid',' 0', '=')
		->condition('timestamp',$interval, '<=');
	$users = $query->execute();
	$list = array();
	while($record = $users->fetchAssoc()) {
		$list[] = $record;
	return sizeof($list);
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Who really cares now, seriously, 4 years after initial problem is called out you show back up and still don't care enough to fix the issue and who would want to mess around with a patch you won't even do yourself.