I am having trouble getting the imagecache version of an image to show on a custom profile page.
The image shows up with the default page layout.
But when I create a custom user-profile.tpl.php all I can get is the original image.

right now I have this

<?php if ($account->profile_header):?>
<img src="/<?php print $account->profile_header ?>" >
<?php endif; ?>

What SHOULD I have?
The preset I want to use is named "profile_header" as is the field for the image... is that a problem?


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ok a followup

I now am trying

<?php if ($account->profile_header):?>
<pre><?php print theme('imagecache', 'profile_header', $account->profile_header, $alt, $title, $attributes); ?></pre>
<?php endif; ?>

the image tries to load but the file name looks like this

if I load the image directly and remove everything after the file extension the image loads so I know it's there. How do I get rid of the %3Fe8af0b4b8fcb4dae821759eba71229bd