I created a computed field age to get the age from the a birth date field. It works good. I went to see in my mySql database and I can see the values are computed are computed correctly for every user.

Now when I create a view with several user Fields the age computed field I created is always empty. However if I try to filter my view base on this field (let's say age between 25 and 30) it works.
I found this similar issue (http://drupal.org/node/1516908) and tried what is said on #8 (i.e. not storing it in the database). If I do that the age value is displayed in my view but I can't use it for as a filter criteria because it is not stored in the database.

Does anyone has an idea on how I can have it displayed in my view results when it is stored in the database?

Thank you in advance,


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I have the same issue, the values are saved in the database and are displayed on a node view but they are not displayed in a view, regardless of what display type I use. If I compare the stored data with a normal field it looks the same, i.e. it seems to be stored correctly in the db.

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I experienced somewhat the same issue. However, the age does appear for the administrator! But all other users' ages don't show up.

Is this a PHP permission issues?

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User Management > Permissions > Ensure that "view_your_custom_field" is enabled for everyone. Still getting used to Drupal...

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Issue summary: View changes

Whoaaa.. 3 years ago, and now i have some problem with this module :(

anybody can fixed it? or any ideas?
in views computed field (age) show in tables when store into database not checked, but if i checked in views can't show display age value.

Hmm.. i hope someone can help this problem :)

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In my case I had chosen type TEXT instead of VARCHAR. Once I chose varchar the field started showing up in my sort and filters

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I'm having the same issue. I already tried changing the computed field from text to varchar or integer. Nothing displays the value.
I think is has something to do with the way a computed field is displayed in the view.
The computed field is stored like this:
field_match_played['und'][0]['value'] = '2'
in my content type the value is '2' but the view shows '0'.
So I think the view shows this: field_match_played['und'] = '0'

Does this make sense?
How is it possible to solve? Is there a way to manipulate the displayed field in the view?
I'm not that good with php...