Spin-off from #1499596: Introduce a basic entity form controller:

By introducing a common entity form controller based on the Entity Property API we will able to generate a basic entity form without needing any additional code from the modules defining the entities. However those will be able to subclass the entity form controller and perform any needed alteration to its behavior.

Once #1696640: Implement API to unify entity properties and fields is in place we will be able to automatically generate a form widget for each entity property pretty much like field_attach_form() currenlty does for Fields only. We can exploit this capability to make EntityFormController::form() hold most of the code needed to generate an entity form. This way only small tweaks (e.g vertical tabs grouping) will be left to entity-specific implementations.


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Component: entity system » forms system
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Related issues: +#1696640: Implement API to unify entity properties and fields
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This already happened in the meantime :)

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Excellent.. Thanks for closing this issue.