I am not seeing the permissions changes that I make the to field settings reflected in the admin/reports/fields/permissions . That said, the permissions I set in the field settings are being applied, it just that checking the field permissions at admin/reports/fields/permissions gives you incorrect information.

I have a content type called 'Support Ticket' which has a standard title and body. I also added a select list 'Status' with options Open and Closed. I only want admins to be able to change the Status, but authenticated users should be able to view the status.

When I go to edit the Status Field for the Support Ticket content type (admin/structure/types/manage/support_ticket/fields/field_status) I can set the Custom Permissions (see screenshot custom-permissions.png) and save the changes. However, when I view overview the permissions at admin/reports/fields/permissions (see screenshot field-permissions.png) it looks like no one could view the field_status.

Unless I'm misunderstanding the purpose of admin/reports/fields/permissions if seems like this isn't working right.

Thanks for the great module.

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Same issue regarding content type field settings. i am doing setting for a content type field say Article body and same is getting reflted in Basic page body. Any one has solution then please help how to distinguish field settings between different content types in drupal.

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