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The stylesheets in Zen 7.x-5.2 and later are organized according to the SMACSS categorization technique.

For a full documentation about SMACSS see the SMACSS website. It's pretty awesome. (The book is pretty sweet too.)

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.

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Since 7.x-5.4 there are major changes on the structure of css files. And first time I tried to use this version I felt completely lost.

So here there are some links that could help other newbees in smacss like me :)

Presentation of SMACSS - Drupal Theming with modular CSS

CSS architecture (for Drupal 8)

Applying SMACSS to Drupal

From Zen issues: Lost in simple question.

Alberto Morales

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Thanks, this is my first time using Zen (7.x.5.4) and I got a bit confused when I noticed the structure is pretty different from the one described in the documentation.

You HAVE to assume your visitor is a maniac serial killer, out to destroy your application. And you have to prevent it.

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am relatively new to drupal
there are no stylesheets for the different elements included as before in zen/zen-internals/css like blocks.css, pages.css, navigation css etc.

does one have to take them from an earlier version ?

Thanks for info / clarifying, Michael

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I am just starting with Zen, and trying to define my own colors within init/_colors.scss where the default subtheme already has colors defined. If I remove any of the colors defined there, the documentation gives me an error: chroma.twig NOT FOUND!. How are we supposed to define our colors if we want our documentation to work?