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MD5: cc22fe50289aea79b3b9b240baba0111
SHA-1: d51c04ca5d999693a2a1b1b77faa2aad1d07bcc4
SHA-256: dc3fa7fdb87223c58266794d200ef6f2c4be96afe55414de7952c95e7d71d29b
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MD5: 91f1461690ed3ed13b62de1bf92b2258
SHA-1: a455a7cbea2a0e7054098b2310b3fe6959cbb0ad
SHA-256: 260ffd48bef0aec66243792806f81d2f585ade6bb4916db6ca861dd696dec842

Release info

Created by: KarenS
Created on: 13 Aug 2012 at 09:24 UTC
Last updated: 30 Jul 2014 at 19:45 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Version 7.x-2.6

- Issue #1423364 by catmat, Add file and path to hook_context_plugins().
- Issue #1713248, Remove incorrect use of date_popup() function in previous commit.
- Issue #1143680 by kristiaanvandeneynde, Make Date Popup widget able to accept custom settings.
- Issue #1596546 by applicity_sam, Make sure incorrect month name creates validation error.
- Issue #1432702, Fix some miscellaneous problems with date example dates and formats.
- Issue #1512464 by Liam Moreland, Allow for undefined formatter in Date upgrade handling.
- Issue #1659638 by bojanz, Hide install message if Drupal is not installed (i.e. in install profiles).
- Issue #1605158 by covenantd, Be sure value2 is initiated in Date Context handler.
- Issue #1355256 by barraponto develCuy and KarenS, set default value for date text widget increment to 1, and update existing fields.
- Issue #1561306 by Cyberwolf, Date pager replacement was not working correctly when used with multiple dates.
- Issue #1541740 by hass, Make Date requirements more easily translatable.
- Issue #1543524 by iamEAP, Add update hook to remove the D6 date_timezone field from users.
- Issue #1603640 by bevan, Don't return anything for empty date interval.
- Issue #1235508, Make sure that ISO strings with '00' in the month and/or day don't create dates for the previous month and day.
- Issue #1289270 by pdrake: Fixed date arguments and filters do not work with relationships.
- Issue #895760 by Reinette: Added RFC2447 option 'STATUS' to date_api_ical().inc.
- Issue #606658 by johnmunro and KarenS, Make sure ical import processes multi-day all-day events correctly.
- Issue #1408216 follow up, Need to be sure that NULL is the default state for the sql functions.
- Issue #1540410, Update the Date Tools calendar creation wizard to use the new calendar path.


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