We can easily remove most of the uses of array_shift() form menu.inc. As recent posts have noted, this is a very slow function because it requires re-indexing the whole array.


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$a = array('foo', 'bar');
print next($a);

this prints bar so I think the use of next might not result in what we want. each could be, but then you need to list as well. I am fairly sure that this pair of functions is still (much) faster though.

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Ah, yes - stupid of me. I was confused by the PHP doc that says it works like current().

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how about this instead?

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And what do you think of this version?

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looks pretty good - though we don't even need the $key in the foreach

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I think the existence of $key is good for readability.
Yet the code is RTBC IMHO.

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Looks ok, committed.

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