I've came across a similar problem to what faunt describes here and in my case the solution was to install curl (duh) and to set the http_request_timeout variable to a higher value using

drush vset http_request_timeout x

For the record, my specific issue was:

using the UI import method I was getting HTTP_REQUEST_TIMEOUT errors on a CSV import and Feeds didn't even start fetching the file. It turns out, it took too long for the other end (D7 Views data export plugin) to generate and send the CSV.

Looking at http_request.inc made me realize that:

  • you must have curl installed, otherwise Feeds will ignore http_request_timeout
  • the default http_request_timeout value (15 seconds) is inconsistent with drupal_http_request() (30.0 seconds)

This patch adds support for http_request_timeout (with a default of 30 seconds) on both the curl_setopt() and the drupal_http_request() based methods.

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Status: Needs review » Fixed

There is more generic way to do it.
Please refer to related issue #1480902: Are there timeouts on Feed importers?.
It has a patch that adds http_request_timeout setting to admin UI.
So marking this as fixed.

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Status: Fixed » Needs review

@Staratel: is it me or your patch does not add support for the timeout option in drupal_http_request() ? Just briefly looked at the patch, but it seems to me, while it adds a new UI element to configure http_request_timeout, it doesn't actually use it in drupal_http_request() (libraries/http_request.inc).

I'd still propose to have my patch reviewed/included as it addresses a single problem which might be better classified as a bug, not a feature request, while yours introduces new functionality.

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@balazs.hegedus You are definitely right, I got excited a bit, sorry for that.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.