Travelling to Oporto apartment list

This is a project for promoting apartments for vacation holidays in Oporto Portugal. The apartments are located near historical places in Oporto.

The user can search the apartment availability and start the booking process of the apartment.

Why Drupal was chosen: 

We choose Drupal because it is our Swiss Army Knife and have a re-thought solution for most every problem a developer come across.
This website was developed using Drupal 7 (We had only experience with D6, for us it was a major step forward) and the contributed modules.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

Major constraints

Because the content is managed in a central backoffice, not on this website, the content is feed through XML and a bunch of Custom Modules where required to generate and insert the content and update the existing data.

We know very well the Drupal Rooms project but we wanted to use Views and exposed filters to filter the content. So, the search for apartments availability is accomplished by customizing the exposed form and changing the Views query to be able to add this complex search on the availability of the apartment.

Custom modules

Our custom Modules included the apartment import process, it's restricted to apartments in oporto only, availability of apartments sync, search apartment availability integrated with Views Module. We also build a module that displays a block of apartments in other regions. This module gets, via XML, random apartments and build temporary nodes with them to display it in the block.

Closing remarks

This is the first project of a network of websites in the same area

Besides the website sustainable growth that we verify in the website, the project isn't finished, we will produce other language versions of this website to adapt the other country realities

Please visit our project and give us your feedback Apartments Oporto Portugal.

Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

These best represented the functionality we needed.

Team members: 
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