In commerce kickstart 2.x it's possible to create a view of messages with a form to enter a new message right in the footer or header of the view. This isn't currently possible with "vanilla" Message.

According to Bojanz' comment (, the views handler in commerce_backoffice is generic enough. So here's a starting point for a patch:


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the views handler in commerce_backoffice is generic enough

It's a little hardcoded still to commerce order, I'd be happy to review a patch that removes relation to Kickstart.

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Am trying to create a patch, here's another file which is relevant:

In commerce kickstart, the relevant message bundle has an entity reference field to relate the message to an order. This field is automatically filled in by the Views area handler in commerce_backoffice, but this is hardcoded. It's also possible to change the bundle type of the message, as the user entering the message.

What would be appropriate for this patch to supply? A regular entity creation form with the bundle type selectable by the handler? Do we want to make it possible for the administrator to pre-populate fields with tokens?

And if we choose to go the simple route, how would that affect commerce_backoffice?

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Update reference to commerce_backoffice files.