I've made a a view with calendar displays dynamically filtered by taxonomy terms. The argument paths are constructed as such:

The calendar and my term arguments work perfectly together until I click on a month link in the year display. The month links in this display want to pick up the entire argument alias and it results in a path like this:
This results in a broken/half-displayed month view (in my particular example, it shows the first two weeks of august with classes of "past" and "empty" applied to the <td>s).

Is there at least some way I can turn off the links to months while this bug is being addressed?


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I got exactly the same thing with user argument.

The url I setup for month calendar and that works well is : /user/%uid/calendar/month/%date

But when I go to the year display and I click on the month link, I got that url for example with user %61 and the month 2013, January


I got 61 twice, the one just before the date should not be here.

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bump. Any updates on this?

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I resolved to simply disabling the year page in my view... Clunky but necessary.