After upgrading, there is no border in front page.
I do not see css like :
#main-content .article-teaser {
border: 1px solid #e9e9e9;
} with firebug.
Thank you


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help ...please !

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Component: Miscellaneous » User interface

Facing the same issue, tried various options in theme settings. Although this is not a major issue but the front page looks odd now..

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Priority: Normal » Major

Bumping this, at is one of the main features of PR. I now have to revert to 2.2.

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Did you check 'sticky' to your article you want to promote at the front page?

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Its a total cockup in the class naming in colours.css, I have fixed it and will commit shortly, as in today.

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Any news, Jeff?

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Looks like I have same problems with teasers AND blocks. "border-radius" seems to be OK, but no other border or background properties are set in css classes for these DOM elements.

I am trying to upgrade from Drupal 6.

Using Adaptive Theme 3.1.

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just add

#main-content .node-teaser {
  border: 1px solid #e9e9e9;

in your “Custom CSS” tab

this is defined in colors.css for .article-teaser, but articles are tagged .node-teaser