I've used Basic for several projects now and I love it. I just built my first Drupal 7 site and I ran into a problem that has me baffled. The html.tpl.php template is not being loaded for the user pages. For some reason, the html output on, say, http://domain.com/user is starting with the page.tpl.php template and skipping the html.tpl.php code entirely. If I switch to the Bartik theme, it's working correctly. I have no idea what I could be doing wrong. I've tried deleting all the code in template.php to see if I've put something in there that's disabling html.tpl.php for the user pages, but the problem persists.


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Never mind. I narrowed the problem down to page.tpl.php. There was a silent error that was causing the page to execute without any errors or warnings, but was preventing html.tpl.php from being called.