Download drush-7.x-5.5.tar.gztar.gz 395.56 KB
MD5: 2d93b45f0b6e9ff5d5483980049f38a6
SHA-1: fe2a35a9d91329edcfbbf69ed43ab57543c72a70
SHA-256: 92ee60c64244ba30f7bd39f45aac235cec54844eee7dd7b352f9c57211eb4357
Download drush-7.x-5.5.zipzip 478.75 KB
MD5: d7fafe72e3f3113456404917a2674c1c
SHA-1: 4fc63d504ea5186f0df82269138d02fa8332b6df
SHA-256: 0bacbe4167d8f26021c001660646f0bb8d5592fe7214d9296c0573b7fa94ed90
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/drush:^5.5'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: jonhattan
Created on: 8 Aug 2012 at 17:54 UTC
Last updated: 8 Aug 2012 at 17:57 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-5.4:

  • Removing reference to defunct in generated PATCHES.txt files.
  • #832472: Give advice on the "can't connect to local MySQL server through socket" error
  • Clarify sql-sync policy.
  • Change reset() with current() to avoid 'pass by reference' warnings
  • Fix problem in _drush_shell_exec when pre-escaped command may contain args with % characters, which breaks sprintf
  • better help text on make option.
  • #1710102: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, boolean given
  • #1706738: Clean up mime type detection and tarball management
  • #1706666: drush_download_file() doesn't generate $destination
  • Follow-up to issue #1343058: remove querystring from filename to allow detection of file type by extension
  • Follow-up to issue #1343058: Fix finfo_file output parsing
  • #1343058: Add support for extracting .tar.bz2 files
  • #1595050: Add backward compatibility for 'Install profiles'.
  • #1704678: Cache clear of theme registry should use drupal_theme_rebuild()
  • #1673006 by damiankloip: Add --exect option for vget and vset
  • #1623328 by greg.1.anderson: In core-config command, run in foreground by default, unless --bg flag is specified.
  • #1673814 by greg.1.anderson: Set 'interactive' in backend options if --interactive command specified from command line.
  • #1679418 by msonnabaum: Don't add extra newline on --pipe
  • #1430482 by janusman, greg.1.anderson, jamesharv: Drush archive-dump tar options
  • #1679324 by ao2: Fixed Typo in drush_sql_build_createdb_sql() doc.
  • #1678294: add missing quotes in example.aliases.drushrc.php
  • #1649368: Enabling/Disabling modules does not clear cache (menu)
  • #1677708: Allow --db-su without --db-su-pw
  • Fix #987968 by moshe weitzman. Document hook_drush_command in api file.
  • #1672200: Typo in drush_get_option example
  • #1671870: Make clear that --database option requires a value
  • #1674796: Have mercy on Drush 5.x users with Drupal 5 sites
  • #1677536: Update cdd bash alias to use new way of calling remote site commands
  • #1403076 by greg.1.anderson: remove unnecessary notice in drush_escapeshellarg
  • Fixing bug in issue #1633050 where unexpanded project arrays failed to build with defaults.
  • #1650426 by juampy: Test archive-restore.
  • #1642532 by Damien Tournoud: Fixed Race condition in drush_mkdir().
  • #1647620 by juampy: Tests do not use sites/default.
  • #1659668 by duellj: Fixed variable-get outputs in single line when using --pipe.
  • #1633050 by jhedstrom: Added Create defaults array in .make files for specifying attributes common to all projects.
  • #1543774 by helmo | sylus: Fixed Drush Make + Undefined Translations.
  • #1649600 by greg.1.anderson: Alter permissions after sql-sync in examples/
  • #1509936 by juampy | filler: Fixed archive dump ard puts default.settings.php into the archive twice which errors on archive restore arr.
  • #1645788 by greggles: Fixed if user is blocked throw a warning instead of returning a login link.
  • Try to get list to show up nicely at Using some code conventions from
  • #1627874 by koglinjg: Fixed typo in documentation.
  • #1604648 by dmitry_bezer: Fixed Make tests fail on windows.
  • #1630220 by Damien Tournoud, Moshe Weitzman: Fixed Cache inconsistency lead to 'wrong md5 checksum' on dev releases.
  • Follow-up to #1528422: fix undefined variable breaking .info file rewriting for dev versions.
  • #1624904: Missing a word in DRUSH_COMMAND_INSUFFICIENT_BOOTSTRAP
  • Remove a stray --self-update in upc test.
  • #1616416 by helmo: Better use of phpnunit assertFileExists method.
  • #1619042 by moshe weitzman and JulienD. Don't do self-update check during updatecode. Remove docs from example.drushrc.php
  • #1616416 by helmo: Added Cleanup patch.
  • #1550574 by Steven Jones: Pass through alias in drush_invoke_process when dispatch-using-alias is set.
  • #1528422 by fabsor | Steven Jones: Patches no longer apply because of info file re-writing.


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