I've read lots of posts asking how to change the path to the main forum page (e.g. /forum > /extranet/forum). Apparently this is either possible, with very messy hacks, or impossible; I haven't been able to find a definitive response.

I believe forum posts can be changed using path auto, but the main forum page apparently is more difficult?

I'm wondering why the root forum views cannot be made available as blocks that could then be embedded wherever they need to be in the site using panels or blocks management? This approach, combined with pathauto for posts would seem to solve the issue somewhat gracefully.

I'm new to advanced forums, so I'm probably not understanding the problem correctly. Still, have to ask!

Any thoughts?


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You can change the root of the forum using hook_menu_alter in D6. It's probably similar if not the same in D7.

The included views can certainly be used in Page Manager.

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Thanks for your reply Michelle! I've just seen the views and have tried all three, but they don't appear to create the same view as the 'Top Level Forum' page layout. Are there any views/blocks that would replicate the top level view?


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Alright, I think I've got this working. I didn't realize I needed to add the 'Forum' context in panels. Once added, I had all the forum blocks available to me when adding content to a pane (for other newbies: look for a new tab called 'Forum' in the add content pop-up, once you've added the Forum context). Still getting to know the module, but this helped a lot. Thanks!

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Glad it helped. It's usually hit or miss whether dashing off a quick pointer will turn on a lightbulb or confuse people more. :)

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Just piping in on a simple fix for this in D7.

Just use core url alias functionality.

Go to admin/config/search/path/add

For "Existing system path" /forum

For "Path alias" new-path/forums

then rinse and repeat for all of the advanced form paths: :)