We're using an installation profile in which we'd like to apply this patch http://drupal.org/node/993990#comment-5775332 for Panels. However, when we do that in the profile's make file:

projects[panels][patch][] = http://drupal.org/files/993990_add_pane_links_hook.patch

Panels gets downloaded again and placed in the wrong directory (profile/[profilename]/modules instead of profile/[profilename]/modules/contrib). Is there a way to direct the profile make file patch to where Panels is located?

Perhaps this isn't strictly a NodeStream issue, but if the above is not possible, this is instead a feature request - would it be possible to get that patch into NodeStream?


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Applying patches to projects downloaded by other make files that are found "further down" the recursion tree is a tricky thing which needs to be resolved in drush make. I would very much like to have it resolved though so please look into it if you have a chance. As of right now there are several workarounds:

* Create a patch for ns_core that includes the change to the ns_core make file and post it here. Then add this patch to ns_core in your own make file. This will work the way it was intended. This is the preferred way since you shouldn't apply patches that isn't for the greater good of anyone else to your project anyway, so why not create a proposal for inclusion here?

* Patch panels after drush make is done with some build script. (ugh)

* Add the module to sites/all, which always takes precedence over any module that is in the active profile.

This patch seems like a good and non-harmful addition so I would be open to including it.