This looks fairly silly. :)

Two bold icons next to each other, but one says emphasize.

I thought this would be easy enough to fix that I could do it myself, but unfortunately I'm stupider than I give myself credit for. :D However, it's a pretty obviously broken-looking thing so unfortunately I have to rate it critical.

#12 1718336-6.png8.67 KBbabbage
#5 1718336-5.patch107.19 KBWim Leers
#4 1718336-4.patch108.03 KBWim Leers
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If you want to see this in action, is the latest copy of the Spark distro bundle, and seems to be like working and stuff! :D

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I recall seeing this also at some point in time, it was not too hard to solve IIRC.

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This is a recently introduced bug in AE:

I'm working on a temporary patch.

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This ought to work. Massive patch because it is being applied to a minified CSS file.

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A change got in that patch that shouldn't have been there.

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Title: Emphasis is getting a B icon for some reason » Emphasis and Strong are getting a Bold icon for some reason

More accurate issue title.

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Assigned: Unassigned » Wim Leers
Status: Active » Reviewed & tested by the community

Drush make is failing tremendously. I added the patch in #5 to drupal-org.make. But:

$ drush make --drupal-org drupal-org.make temp-directory
 → new patch applied
$ drush make build-spark.make /usr/local/var/www/spark-try8
 → new patch not applied


I updated to Drush 5.4 (from 5.2), `drush cc drush`, `rm -rf ~/.drush/cache/*`, no dice.

So I just hope it'll work better on d.o. Committed to Spark:

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Set to RTBC to indicate this was fixed with a temporary solution. Real fix will be over at

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Component: Code » Aloha Editor
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With this patch, these buttons are now labelled "S" for strong and "em" for emphasis. Humans don't use these words. Even on d.o, the rich text editor labels these B and I.

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8.67 KB

Odd, now I see the following:

Bold, Strong, Italic and em buttons.

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Are you pulling from the Git version? if so, yeah, this sprint we're actively working on the toolbar to make it way more intuitive. :) #1721838: [META] As a content editor, I would like to have WYSIWYG in a nicely-styled, intuitive toolbar It's a work in progress. What's there now in alpha4 is just Aloha's default behaviour.

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I'm pulling from the d.o git repository, the -dev version. I realise this is still in utter alpha stage, which makes the lack of documentation understandable, but it is a rather difficult target to get to grips with, since some fixes seem to be being distributed by updating the Spark profile to apply patches to Aloha as a site is built, and so on... which doesn't work so well if you're not recreating a site with the Spark profile. :)

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This is now getting extremely off-topic, but all of the patches that Spark uses to make Edit module work are in its drupal-org.make and drupal-org-core.make files. If you want to use Edit module separately, you can just apply those patches yourself. I recommend sticking with the stable release of Edit module though, as Spark does. We'll roll an alpha4 of Edit when we're done futzing with the toolbar. :)

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Aloha Editor makes a distinction between bold and strong on the one hand and italics and emphasis on the other hand. I *personally* also think we should ignore bold and italics and just show the bold icon for strong and the italics icon for emphasis, but one *could* validly reason they should be separate.

It's easy enough to override the icon for "strong" with the one for "bold" though. Which is what I think will happen eventually, but this is not a high priority ATM.

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I *personally* also think we should ignore bold and italics and just show the bold icon for strong and the italics icon for emphasis

I am of the same opinion.

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Fixed

Fixed upstream *and* irrelevant to us now because by now we have our own custom UI :)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.