I had an old site on the basis of forum YaBB 2.5. I created a new site in Drupal 7, and decided to leave the old forum as archive.
I've question:
Can I "wrap up" the old YaBB forum (by?) the Drupal regions/blocks?
1. Template for the forum in a html-file. Can I add drupal's regions/blocks in this file?
2. Or, conversely, can I call the forum's pages in the drupal?
Thank you.


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can't use drupal regions and such outside of drupal as they require drupal theme engine to know what to do with the variables.

to pull the script into drupal you can investigate using an iframe.

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If I were you I would remove the old yabb forum and replace the archive with a static html copy of it. Leaving php code (especially open source) that you do not want to continue to maintain is a massive security risk.

Simply use wget or httrack or something similar.


wget -q --mirror -p --html-extension -e robots=off --base=./ -k -P ./ http://www.path.to/your/forum/

This will create a html copy of your forum, changing all internal links to the .html files, which you can then simply upload into your archive folder.