This seems like it should be a easy fix but I'm having some trouble changing the node in my url address. I have a page that's not on my main menu, currently this is the url address, (http://my-site.org/node/58#overlay-context=node/3) I would like to change it to (http://my-site.org/personal-change).

I've used the Path module in core & the PathAuto & Downloaded Extended Path Module. Non of these seem to work & the forums are just telling me to go to these modules & make the change there, unfortunately no-one says what to do once your in there. I've gone into Config>site & metadeta> & I've enabled clean urls, gone into url alias & I thought I changed the url path, but nothing seems to work.

If anybody can help me & tell me what to do step by step,I'm not a web designer by heart & it seems that this simple task is taking up all of my time & no-one is really elaborating on what to do.


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I'm having the same problem. I've disabled the Overlay Module and Enabled the Clean URLs. I'm just stuck at what I can do next.