I'm using Drupal 7.15
I tryed colorbox colorbox-7.x-1.3.tar.gz
with the Calendar module calendar-7.x-3.x-dev.tar.gz.

My problem Calendar is working perfectly and when I'm clicking on a date the event details display well.

But when activating Calendar with Colorbox
Administration > Configuration > Date API
when clicking on the event the windows pop-up but nothing is dislayed (except prev, next button and view thing : more details in the screenshot)

I tryed many jquery version (1.4.4 and 1.5.x ) : no succes

Keep ready fore more information.

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I also see the same problem as described. My calendar displays as expected when the Date API colorbox support is disabled, but when I create a view from the Date template after enabling the colorbox support, the blank box with no content is displayed.

I've just gone through the site and updated all modules to the very latest versions and am using a sub theme of adaptive themes' pixture reloaded - although I have not yet modified any css code.

As a relative newbie to Drupal, I feel sure it's going to be my own incompetence causing the issue rather than being related to the solid Date or Colorbox modules, but I'm reaching my limits in knowing what to do next to troubleshoot. Any pointers gratefully received.

Thanks in advance,

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I don't solve the probleme and temporarly leave the display of the calendar withouth colorbox.

I don't know if the probleme comes from the views modules, or calendar ...
But when I create a new calendar with the colorbox enable, one one the field is flagged as
"Broken/missing handler rendered_entity"

And that's this rendered-entity field missing or missconfigured that dont make its works

Hope this info can help maintainer.

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Project: Colorbox » Calendar
Version: 7.x-1.3 » 7.x-3.4
Category: support » bug


I changed this to the Calendar project since the template code that creates the views with the problem is in the Calendar package.

And ofc I have the same problem. The handler in the template just doesnt exist and I cant find what it belongs to anywhere with the help of Google. There just isnt any way to render a whole node into a view field what I can find.

Is there a module needed that isnt documented? Version conflict?

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I have the same behavior but I figured out that the colorbox works only on the calendars newly created after you enable the colorbox option, and not in those created before.
You have to create your old calendars again (I mean delete and create from template).

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Hi there !

Same issue here.
I installed the entity api module and it worked perfectly afterwards

To module maintainer: you should make entity api a dependency for your module to avoid this problem.

Thanks for all the wonderful work by the way !

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Thank you, it's work also for me

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It is possible to change an existing calendar view to display the colorbox, I've just done this by creating a new calender and comparing the differences. Two fields need to be added and a few settings changed.

Fields to add:

  • Rendered Node, exclude from display, Apply to all displays
  • Colorbox Trigger, Trigger Field = Title, Popup text "[rendered_entity]', Apply to all displays

Field order is:

Rendered Node

I think that was it, then I cleared the cache and it worked on page refresh.

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Wow, just spent hours trying to figure out why the "Rendered Node" wasn't displaying. Thanks for the Entity API info...

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+1 purplepaisley68... if you haven't already, that warrants a blog post or drupal.org page.

... and if you don't, I might. :-p