Currently, an out-of-the-box implementation of Apache Solr Multisite Search doesn't respect the node access settings of sites other than the one you are on. For example, if site A leverages taxonomy access control, the node access will be respected when searching from site A. However, if another site B is able to search site A via use of this module, the node access settings for site A are NOT respected when searching from site B possible exposing sensitive data. This is a very complex problem to solve, but for now there should be better documentation and possibly dismissible warnings that node access restrictions aren't honored for the other sites.


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I will be working on a solution for this. Please let me know if you are interested in helping or offering advice. Not sure if it belongs in this module or a new module?

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In addition to fixing node access across sites, I'm also interested in making node access for Organic Groups work across sites.