This is a sub-task of #1713122: [META] Use component-based styling in CSS.

The pager in Drupal require two class names to style them; this is unnecessarily complex. Let's lower the specificity of these selectors by renaming the classes into a SMACSS-style "pager" module.


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It turns out the pager actually produces pretty decent classes. Not perfectly SMACSS-style, but unique enough that we don't want to incur a contrib module's wrath by rewriting them.

.pager-item { /* A list item containing a page number in the list of pages. */
.pager-first, /* The first page's list item. */
.pager-previous, /* The previous page's list item. */
.pager-next, /* The next page's list item. */
.pager-last, /* The last page's list item. */
.pager-ellipsis { /* A concatenation of several list items using an ellipsis */

But we can still simplify the CSS selectors to only use a single class.

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Title: Add SMACSS-style classes to pager » Add SMACSS-style rulesets to pager
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