I'm using field storage and it's working fine. Ecxept that content is stored both in MySQL and MongoDB. Is there a config option to skip MySQL completely?

It seems that the field storage module:
- runs after data is saved in MySQL
- collects all data from MySQL
- stores a copy of the data in MongoDB

Is this correct?

The reason I use MongoDB is because there will be billions of nodes, and I don't need a copy of that in MySQL.
What steps to take to skip MySQL entirely?


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I fixed this for my custom case: I implemented a custom entity controller class to do my custom MongoDb stuff.

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@morningtime - Any chance of a short write up or point in the right direction to accomplish that?

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I'm using Drupal and Entity API to design a custom "entity" (like a "node"). I store this data directly in MongoDb by rewriting my custom Entity hooks/callbacks to use MongoDb queries instead of MySQL. Then I actually use Facet API and Search API to index search data directly from MongoDb. Drupal has all you need to do it, however the custom Entity part is not easy.

I'm working on my Ecommerce startup, I've been working on it for almost 1,5 years now. Definitely I will write up an extensive How-To (and go to DrupalCon's to present my knowledge). But at the moment I don't have much time for that.

All I can say is: Drupal can do it, but it will cost you time and effort.

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