Djurens Rätt by Rabash Web & Design Cooperative

Djurens Rätt (Animal Rights Sweden), is the largest animal rights organization in Scandinavia. The site is quite complex with many different content types, organic groups, gmap and campaigns as well as integrations with Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and Disqus.

The website consists of two sites, and The module domain access is used to let them run on the same installation and database. is a vegan portal and blog that keeps you up to date about vegan food.

Why Drupal was chosen: 

Djurens Rätt's previous website was unorganized and messy. It was hard for editors to update content wich led to few updates and visitors had a hard time finding what they were looking for.

Djurens Rätt needed a CMS that could handle their needs as well as being expandable and having a user friendly interface. We chose Drupal for this project because of its modular-ness and flexibility that allows us to create almost anything.

Rabash has been building Drupal sites for more than four years, and it is usually our CMS of choice because of its stability, flexibility and many community modules.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

The goal of the project was to create a website that engages the visitors as well as being a source of information about animal rights. The website should engage visitors through campaigns and events.


  • Blog. Moving Vegokoll's current blog from WordPress.
  • Local groups and members. Djurens Rätt have local groups all over Sweden. The groups have their own presentation site and the ability to add their own news and events.
  • Campaigns. So called “Blixtaktioner”, as pre-written letters that you can send to chosen people by only entering your name and email. They can also be petitions.
  • Calendar. A calendar with upcoming events that can be connected to local groups.
  • Disqus Comments. Disqus are used for comments, to engange visitors and take advantage of Disqus' integration with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.


On Djurens Rätt we used two customized themes that we build from scratch, one for and one for


We write all our CSS in LESS to speed up the coding time. With LESS we can use predefined variables, mixins and functions so that we do not have to write the same code more than once. For this we use the LESS CSS Preprocessor module.

Search Engine Optimization

Efficient SEO starts with clean code. We are using various modules to improve SEO such as Meta tags, Pathauto, Redirect, Global Redirect and Transliteration.

Accessibility and usability

We strive to make all our projects as accessible as possible with skip-links, link styling for keyboard navigation and more.
We use WAVE Toolbar plugin and Fangs Screen Reader Emulator for Firefox to identify accessibility issues.

One accessibility issue that we encountered was GMap. GMap is not very screen reader or keyboard navigation friendly. We went around the problem by not showing the information in GMap only, but somewhere else on the page as well.


The two new websites are much better organized and accessible for visitors. They have a more modern feel and a clear structure. Editors find it easier to add news and events wich has led to much more frequent updates and up-to-date content.

Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

Organic groups were used to create the local groups.
GMap allows group administrators to specify the location of the group.
LESS CSS Preprocessor is a module we always use for preprocessing LESS files, making the coding of css faster.

Team members: 
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